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  CNW was started when Kim Major and Dr Munchie met for the second time at the Prophets conference in Oxford 2003. From that moment they knew that they had a collaborative mission which turned out to be the conference. They were joined by KB Turner, Corinna Morisson, Peter George, Vanessa Edwards and Diane Carvill amongst others.

To get CNW so far has been a journey of faith and we are all delighted at the response to the conference and the offers of help that are now coming our way.

If you would like to help or even sponsor the event, please get in touch info@childrenofthenewworld.org.uk .
Sponsorship packages are available Everyone who has offered to help so far has been vital in moving this work forward. Thank you.

Spread the Word
  Please tell your friends, your email list and your gran about this event! Let's make it happen together. To reward you for your efforts, for every person who books at full price through you, you will receive £10 off your ticket price*. It is up to you as to how you split the costs with your friends. Full ticket price is £55. Quote the name of the party when booking. For booking taken over the phone 01462 769024. Offer available until 31st July 2005.

* Maximum discount is £40 for bringing in 4 friends at full price. In the event of friends' cancellation, the discount will be lost and the difference must be paid.

Thanks to the team at Passion for the Planet Radio for featuring the conference this year. You can listen to Passion at www.passionfortheplanet.com.

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