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  The human race is constantly evolving. As a result, there are people being born at this time who seem to display attitudes, talents and gifts not seen before in such great numbers. These are the Children of the New World who have been called indigo, crystal and rainbow children but their essence transcend labels.

As the human race moves on we see the existing systems of health and education are becoming outdated as they do not allow for these gifts to be expressed. Hence the current confusion in society, also one of the most exciting times in humanity's history.

These conferences are co–creative days of exploring the next stage of human evolution. We discuss the science behind these changes, explore the talents of the new children, and demonstrate ways to navigate the shift in health, education and society. The first day was held in September 2004 with 3 further events planned in 2005.

2005 Message from the Host – Dr Munchie
  What a Year!

After the success of last year's Children of the New World conference, all we heard from people is that they wanted more… much more! So we are back and sharing the special journey with the rest of the South of England in not one, but three locations in Bedford, Cornwall and Brighton.

The past year has seen the phenomenon of the New Children becoming better known. The world celebrated its first Indigo day in January with special screenings of the film 'Indigo', held around the globe. CNW was pleased to be a part of it. We also have built a website full of resources for teachers, parents and children. We were excited to join the CNE family in San Diego and be part of this international magazine.

It has been an amazing year, but what touched us the most are the outpourings of gratitude from parents, teachers and everyone who was there. We STILL have people telling us how much the day touched their lives. Last, but not least, are the children; we were beyond words when we saw the sweet letters and drawings sent to our amazing team of Vanessa, Karen, Diane and Kim, from the children who shared the workshop.

We are more convinced then ever that our current evolution needs to be celebrated. By gathering together, we are not only honouring the children of our new world, we are honouring each and every one of us who know that the world IS a different place, because we carry it inside us. We hope you join us so we can celebrate together.

What is it going to be like?

This year we have gathered together another impressive array of speakers. From connecting to the planetary changes, to the latest scientific information to practical ways to feed your kids, we aim to cover a spectrum of topics, whilst also having fun. The day will be co-creative with plenty of time given for questions before turning the whole day over to the group gathering, so we can share our stories together and hear the voices of the children.

Message from Kim Major – Director of Body and Soul
  As Dr Munchie has said, we were amazed at the phenomenal success of the Children of the New World conference and the creation of the CNW website was a natural development and is now known as the UK prominent resource centre for information on Indigo crystal and sensitive kids.

The popular response to the Indigo film held throughout the UK, and in far away places such as Hong Kong and Thailand, has made our task a lot easier. The word is out and people want to know more about sensitive kids and how we can help to make the wonders of childhood the journey it should be.

Our audience consisted of educationalists, doctors, parents and people generally interested in the new ways forward. For this year, we have gathered together another amazing range of experts in the Holistic field of transforming consciousness, health, science, and education, and they will take the delegates through a fantastic day of inspiring information and co–creation.

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