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This work could not happen without the hard work and dedication of one lady in particular, Kim Major, the director of Body and Soul. Her invaluable skills and experience as an artist, business woman, a teacher of children with special needs and the event organiser behind the successful Body and Soul show, have been crucial to bringing CNW into reality. This is now one of the premier conferences and websites in the world to do with Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children, helping parents, teachers and children.

Everyone working on CNW does so without a salary, but with the belief that this is important work. If you share this belief, please consider supporting this site. A range of small picture prints have been donated by the acclaimed artist and illustrator, Kim Major. All profits from the sale of these prints go towards the Children of the New World Conferences and the development costs of the website, helping Indigo children and like-minded people, parents and teachers to connect.

Please visit her website for a full range of prints and details of how to buy.www.bodyandsoulshow.co.uk/pages/cnw.htm.

Love is the Connection

This Pearl is in Our Hands

Baby Love

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