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People at the 2004 conference

  • The Dolphin Dome project
    Already in collaboration with CNW, the dome aims to help children through the virtual experience of dolphins.
  • Success Ticklers
    Finding the genuis within
  • The Blue Balloon Foundation
    Rediscovering the innocence at the true heart of every soul.
  • The Journey to Wild Divine
    Want to find a video game for your kids that will help them to gain inner awareness. Look no further!
  • The Psychic Children
    Want to know what is going on with our planet? Visit this website.
  • Indigo Child
    A whole list of Indigo Kid resources
  • Cosmi Kids
    A new type of brownies and scouts!
  • Heaven on Earth
    Christopher Sell gives spritual information about the New Children.
  • Develop your child
    Alan Wilson and team, unleashing the potential in young people and families.
  • Indigo essences
    Essences for Kids. Developed with by Ann Callaghan and her nephews with some truly amazing names for these essences thought up by the boys. The essences do not have to be swallowed to work.
  • The Angel Lady
    Jacky Newcomb gives friendly advice for little angels
  • Quiet Places for children in schools
    This pioneering scheme is working on the ground in schools to help children holistically.
  • Indigo Resources
    Angels by Sharae have compiled a page of dedicated resources.
  • Wildest colts
    An excellent site for those opposed to the applying the mental health paradigm to children.

    New Links will be added all the time.

    Don't forget to visit the articles page where there are more resources under the title 'kids-what's the alternative?'

  • Earth Angel
    Musicians Llewellyn and Juliana founded this charity to help children and animals.

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Organisations of Interest

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