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Earth Angel Charity Earth Angel Charity

Llewellyn and Juliana, the International song writers and performers, will be performing tracks live from their new album 'Crystal Child' at Bedford's Children of the New World Conference. They will also be talking about the Earth Angel charity which aims, among other things to help sensitive children throughout the UK.

For more details go to www.earthangelcharity.com.

Passion for the Planet
We are pleased to announce that Children of the New World will once again be featured on Passion for the Planet radio. This is an exciting DAB station which features chat and music for people who are passionate about bringing in a new world.
To listen to this station visit www.passionfortheplanet.com.

Ground-breaking Indigo research project.
  Mary English and Elaine Godley, both speakers at this year's CNW conference in Cornwall, are collaborating in some pioneering research to do with the New Kids.

Mary was recently interviewed by Kindred Spirit magazine as she has found some interesting astrological features in the charts of Indigo children. Elaine works professionally with personality profiling. They are combining their skills to be able to provide with an in-depth analysis of your child. The results will be presented at the conference.

Please visit www.soloflight.org.uk. or www.maryenglish.co.uk.

Rainbow Planet Connection comes to the UK
  The Rainbow Planet Connection people have been awarded the Children of the New Earth seal of excellence. They are coming all the way from Queensland, Australia to do some workshops in the UK this September. to find out more go to www.rainbowplanetconnection.com.

Children of the New Earth Magazine
As some of you will remember, Sandie Sedgbeer of Californian–based, Children of the New Earth magazine attended the conference. Sandie is British but now lives in America. She was so impressed with the British conference that we have now joined forces and aligned ourselves with each other. CNE and CNW are now part of the same family and will share resources.

CNE is going through some exciting changes: from being a print magazine it is now purely on–line. This means that subscribers do not have to wait for their issue to arrive in the post – they can read it online. It is also moving from being quarterly to monthly. It is one of the premier international resources to do with the new kids. Some of the CNW family have already written articles for CNE. Click here to visit the website. www.childrenofthenewearth.com.
Look out for more news about this collaboration.

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