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  'The New Kids are here' by Soleira Green. Reproduced by kind permission of Soleira Green

There's a lot of interest these days in new kids and all the possibilities that they hold for our future. They are, after all, good examples of the newly evolving us. They are however equally stunned by the world we live in and require our assistance in helping them to hold onto their gifts and abilities as well as to be able to make their unique contributions to our collective future.

Many names and labels are given to the new kids ... indigo, rainbow, crystal and star kids to name a few. I suppose these are all valid identifiers to various shifts in physical consciousness, but mostly I think if we just see them as the possibility of our evolution walking and talking here in the now, we'll get on just fine.

I work with these kids in consciousness, in the space where they already are the magnificent beings that they are. I honour the fact that in the physical, they are children and require the good guidance that all children require in learning to live well in this world. But I also honour the wholeness of them and that includes the part of them that is already wondrous beyond imagining, the part that knows exactly why they're here and what to do to achieve that. Everyone has this greater, vaster part of themselves that is accessible through conscious connection. Communicating with kids and adults alike on these levels allows us to move more graciously into the creation of our conscious evolution.

I'll give you an example of what I mean. I once worked with a four year old who wouldn't speak to anyone but his immediate family. I went to talk with him in consciousness and he said that human communication was unfathomable to him (I can sure understand that). He felt that people didn't speak true and hardly ever said what they were really wanting to say.

What's the point, he communicated to me, when no one really listens and hardly anyone speaks true? My answer was that of course he was right. But wasn't the fact that he could see that an indicator as to why he was here?

Perhaps he was here to offer us a breakthrough in human communication, a move into the deeper and richer telepathic realms. He smiled and said yes he could see that and would give it another go. The next day his mom had him out shopping with her and, much to her surprise, he was shouting hello to everyone he could see and chatting up a storm.

I spoke once to a man in his thirties who had been an autistic child ...didn't speak a word till he was 12 years old. When asked why, he said the same thing as the 4 year old I mentioned previously. Why bother when no one is listening? What changed for him? He got to be 12 and suddenly developed an interest in girls ... and in order to date, one had to be able to talk.

Hence, a sudden immersion into the world of adult communication. Today he's a chiropractor who assists others in finding their own sense of health, balance and connectedness. He taught me how to be telepathic and how to teach it to others. For that gift, I am eternally grateful.

Telepathic consciousness conversations work brilliantly with these kids. It bypasses all the age and trueness issues and let's us get straight to the nitty gritty of what it is we want to achieve together. It isn't the same as channelling. This is about being with them on the level of greatness and on the level of child both at the same time.

Everyone is waiting to be recognised, to be seen and to be listened as who they really are. Perhaps the greatest gift we can give one another is to really be a witness for each other's greatness on all the levels, from the physical to the greater self to the inner, authentic, soulful self. Give the gift of greatness to your children today. We don't have to wait till we're adults to discover the big picture why of things. We can know this now and begin the journey that unfolds our greater gifts at any age.

To do this for your child, simply take a moment to consciously connect with them as the vast, amazing beings that they are and see what it is they really want to communicate to you. Telepathically ask them who they are, why they've come and what it is that you can do to make that easier and more gracious for them. Trust and believe what you see and hear. Then do what you say you'll do. Be honest, be true, be honouring and honourable and we'll all get to where it is we want to go ... the creation of a new world of evolving beings living together in fantastic new ways.

Copyright Soleira Green 2004

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