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  CHILDREN OF THE NEW WORLD CONFERENCE by Soleira Green. Reproduced by kind permission of Soleira Green.

The Children of the New World Conference was hosted here in the UK on Sunday, 19th September, 2004. With over 150 attendees, including 20+ children and teenagers between the ages of newborn and 19, it was an amazing display of 'the new' coming alive in reality today.

With a quick show of hands, we ascertained that the group dynamics included the following (percentages are approximate):

... 98% were parents
... 30% were teachers
... about a dozen were home schooling their children
... 95% were energetically aware
... 40% were telepathic

There was a palpable sense of energy in the room for people wanting to come together to create and forge a real shift in education and in acknowledgement, recognition and realisation of our children's potential. We looked at their abilities and consciousness as a very special part of our conscious evolution.

Insights, suggestions and ideas shared included:

... Home schooling parents letting us know how their children are flourishing in an open, less structured environment.

... A real sense of needing to honour the unique gifts of each and every child and to celebrate differences rather than encourage them to conform.

... Encouragement to eliminate the pressure of failure, exams and measurements and to allow each child to find their own delight in learning.

... A need for teachers to be released from the increasing pressures of administration and paper work in order to fully be with their kids.

... The success of new schools where children set and follow their own learning paths.

There were many initiatives going on by presenters and attendees alike (alternative schooling options, home schooling super stars, coaching and empowering self-esteem in children and teachers and much, much more). The editor of Children of the New Earth magazine was with us. This is a wonderful magazine that covers the range of new kids consciousness from internet awareness to children's health and more. To visit their website, go to www.childrenofthenewearth.com .

John Campbell, one of the presenters, is presently pursuing the launch of a new school in the UK where children select their own curriculum and where teachers are trained to honour, encourage and support children in their own journeys of exploration. For more information, contact John at john@theangelproject.org.

We talked about the new kids consciousness and how to connect with their greatness and potential at the same time as honouring and allowing them to be kids. And we played in the consciousness fields of potential to bring breakthroughs into play so that every child, and every adult as well, could be celebrated and empowered to be uniquely all they can be.

Many thanks to Kim Major www.bodyandsoulshow.co.uk. and Dr. Manjir Samanta-Laughton www.drmunchie.com. for hosting this event and for doing such a brilliant job of it. We all look forward to the next one when we can come together again for another brilliant day of sharing, growth, learning, connection, co-creation and breakthrough.

Copyright Soleira Green 2004

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