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we pass things down to our children, including unfulfilled dreams
unrealized potential, and unreleased screams
we hand them tradition as itís always been taught
the rules of the game in the battles we've fought
we don't stop to question if we play the same game,
if the rules that we knew haven't somehow been changed
we'd rather cling tightly to the ways of the past
then consider that maybe they weren't meant to last
created for times we've long since outgrown
we believe in their truth as they're written in stone
yet even rocks feel the power of Earth as she shakes
they crumble and crack as she shudders and quakes
the traditions, as written, also crumble and fall
time for change, she is shouting, as she levels the walls
she shakes up the spirit by calling on faith
in ourselves and each other as we rebuild our fate
take control of the journey with the choices we make
the ability to respond to the risks that we take
so when her pain is released in a furious storm
remember the violence in its original form
desecration of nature's cathedrals beneath busy hands
while we pray to religions we don't understand
by denying our part in causing Earth's tears
we are feeding the fires of our innermost fears
we run from the truth, but we canít ever hide
for wherever we go, it still lives inside
the Earth, like our bodies, feel now tired and worn
asking questions of reason like, why was I born?
as we walk on our paths one step at a time
in search of clear answers we may never find
walk through gates of the heart into silence and truth
listen for the unspoiled wisdom known as the innocence of youth.

jas 8/7/96

If you like this poem please contact jenna@cocreatelove.com.

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