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Report from world Indigo Day by Moira Torchio. Reproduced by kind permission of Moira Torchio. Report from world Indigo Day by Moira Torchio. Reproduced by kind permission of Moira Torchio.

Indigo Movie and International Indigo Day 29 January 2005

I saw this movie on the 30th January in Horsham, Sussex, UK. The event was planned by John Campbell from The Angel Project. There was a meditation and song before the movie and a series of speakers after the movie who were all involved in projects with children. We were also shown a short movie on the Sri Atmananda Memorial schools in India (Malakkara, Kerala) and the U.S.A. where the children are taught using the KPM method. The KPM approach to children is based on the belief "that every child is born with an innate wisdom that must not be educated out of them, but allowed to flourish in the time and manner of its choosing".
In this movie we were shown how the children are treated with respect, they are allowed to choose the classroom they are interested in learning in each day. All classrooms are arranged by subject and no emphasis is placed on age groups. There is a junior and high school in India, successfully teaching for the past 10 years. John is going to establish a Sri Atmananda Memorial School in England during 2005.

To contact John about the KPM schools, Email info@theangelproject.org. Or telephone him on 07785 305 125.

Other speakers at the event were:

Michael Haigh, The Forest House, 5 The Gables, Argos Hill, East Sussex, TN6 3QJ Tel: 01892852696 Email michaeljanehaigh@aol.com . - Supports home schooling parents

Jaki Harris, Vision 4 Kids, Tel: 01342 822511 Email vision4kids@aol.com. - Spiritual parenting courses and children’s workshops.

Dr Munchie & Kim Major, Children of the New World. - I recommend a visit to their website, they held a very successful conference during 2004 where they highlighted the Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children, their needs and gifts. Another conference is planned for 2005. www.childrenofthenewworld.org.uk.

As for the movie Indigo, I loved it. They used mostly amateur actors and volunteers and relied on public donations and funding to make the movie. Neale Donald Walsch (wrote Conversations with God) stars as the grandfather of an Indigo girl called Grace. She has healing, psychic and clairvoyance gifts which she ‘demonstrates’ during the movie to her perplexed grandfather whom she fondly calls "multi dimensionally challenged". The movie looks at how an ordinary family is torn apart by the choices they make and then bought together again by Grace’s insight, love and wisdom.

At the end of the movie, children in the audience were asked to share what they thought of the movie. A brave tiny little 3 year old called Lea jumped off her chair and ran down the stairs, up on stage and took the microphone and promptly declared to the 400 audience members that this movie was for grown ups – how right she was!

If you were unable to see this movie or you are interested in seeing more spiritual movies, you can join a growing movement of people around the world subscribing to the Spiritual Cinema Circle in America. Visit website www.spiritualcinemacircle.com. for details on how to obtain your copies of DVD’s.

Profile Moira Torchio

Moira was born in South Africa and now lives in Portsmouth, England. During 2003 she attended a Colour Workshop presented by a fellow South African, Melissie Jolly. Melissie introduced Moira to the Colourworks system, a system that Melissie uses in South Africa for Colour Therapy. Moira tested the products on herself and family and realised that the combination colour bath oils and colour essences are very effective for healing at a Mind, Body and Soul level.

Moira has a background of researching, developing and training business programmes targeted toward poverty stricken communities and those caught in the benefits trap. She decided to use her business skills to set up a Distribution centre for Colourworks in the U.K. Moira now teaches Colour Workshops across the U.K., has set up a website www.colourworks.org.and writes a quarterly international Newsletter – all to support the growing number of teachers and therapists using Colour in their work.

Amongst her therapists are Reiki Masters, Crystal healers, Reflexologists and Counsellors. She focuses her training on teaching others how to diagnose, heal and support adults and children using Colour and the Colourworks system. There are a growing number of psychic and gifted children, now referred to as Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children who are in need of support right now on this planet – working with these children is an area close to Moira’s heart as she is an Indigo adult with an Indigo son. The type of support they need differs from the mainstream medical and physiological methods currently in use, Colour is a tool that will enhance any medical or psychological treatment, opening up a new way of communicating with these children and supporting them. Colour therapists work with both the children and parents, as it is often the parents that need the training most!

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