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Meditation with Christopher Sell
  Christopher is one of the foremost experts on the New Children. For some years now, he has been connceting the souls of the children and providing a resource and connection point as part of his Heaven on Earth Newsletter and website. We are delighted that he is joining us to open the day.


Dr Munchie - Indigo Science Dr Munchie - Indigo Science

Dr Manjir Samanta-Laughton MBBS, popularly known as 'Dr Munchie', trained as a medical doctor and as an energy medical consultant. She has worked as a general practitioner, at the Bristol Cancer Help Centre and in her own holistic healing practice.

Her quest for the scientific basis of healing and other spiritual practices has led her to study the principles of theoretical physics, the science of consciousness and cosmology. As a result, she has developed Punk Science, which provides a scientific framework for everything from black hole formation and planetary gravity to auras and chakras and emotional healing.

She communicates her findings in popular lectures, her writing, and in work with the media including for television and radio. She has various international science columns. She is the co-founder of the Children of the New World conferences and is UK contributing editor of Children of the New Earth magazine.

Indigo Science

Are we really evolving? What is the scientific basis for multidimensional abilities? Dr Munchie explores the scientific landscape from genes to black holes in the quest to find the science of indigos.


Christine Miller Re Sourcing the Soul emergent knowledge reveals hidden potential for joy and love
Join Christine in an exploration of the meaning of soul in today ' s world. We will examine the powerful effects of learning to communicate on a more spiritual level with ourselves, our families, friends and colleagues, as we re – connect and re – source soulful experiences that unite us in shared visions of love and fulfilment. This talk will offer you the opportunity to learn about developing your intuitive responses, and will discuss how we make decisions in the blink of an eye, beyond the influence of words. You will hear about ways to escape from invisible boundaries which might previously have prevented heartfelt relationships from developing, by entering a different space where new knowledge emerges and lost or fragmented resources are re – integrated. Awakening to the power of your inner self, and learning the vital importance of forgiveness, a great experience of joy is available which can transform the way you regard yourself and all those around you.

Liz Boulter - Reflexology for the Sensitive Child Liz Boulter - Reflexology for the Sensitive Child

Over 15yrs ago Liz trained in the performing arts & began working with children through dance & drama. After stepping into primary education, supporting children with special educational needs such as emotional/behavioural difficulties & autistic spectrum disorders, Liz gained an honours degree in Psychology & Health & a Certificate in Health Promotion.

Over a number of years Liz has worked as a carer for children with special needs, run after school clubs for children experiencing low self esteem & worked as a lead therapist on a developmental programme for children with autism.

Liz's growing interest in complementary therapies led her to gain a Diploma in Reflexology, a Certificate in Indian Head Massage & to reach Reiki Master Practitioner level. Liz has been treating children with varying special needs for nearly 5yrs & also holds talks & workshops for parents, carers, education & health professionals & fellow reflexologists. Liz currently runs ' Holistic Journey' – promoting holistic health for all.


In this inspiring & informative talk Liz shares her knowledge & experience as a qualified reflexologist working with 'sensitive' children. Liz has found reflexology to be an invaluable tool in helping to support any young person experiencing physical, emotional, behavioural & social difficulties.

Liz will discuss how the wonderful healing touch of reflexology can also serve as an aid to communication with your child as well as increasing your child's sense of self within the world. Liz will offer practical tips on how you can use simple reflexology techniques to support a 'sensitive' child in your life towards re-balance of mind, body & spirit. An enlightening talk for parents, carers, education & health professionals.


Elaine Godley - you don't understand me!
Elaine Godley has spent over 30 years working. In that time she has met thousands of people who are clearly in the wrong role. They are square pegs in round holes. They are unhappy and certainly not productive or efficient at work.

Elaine's experience led her to become trained in personality profiling. By understanding our natural strengths and limitations, and knowing ourselves better, we can then choose careers and roles that naturally suit us. The net result is happiness and success both for the individual and the business.

Elaine has an MBA, is a Fellow of The Royal Society of Arts and lives in Wiltshire.


How personality profiling, mentoring and life coaching can help bring understanding to schools and parenting. Plus some unique research into the personality types of indigos


Jaki Harris - Whole Parent, Whole Child Jaki Harris - Whole Parent, Whole Child

Jaki Harris is a mother, play therapist and creator of Vision4Kids which runs creative workshops for children, and courses in spiritual parenting. She also works with psychic children and their parents at The College of Psychic Studies in London, as well as working individually with adults facing parenting challenges.


A holistic look at parenting based on the assumption that childrens' behaviour is directly linked to unresolved issues in the parents. On a deeper level, our children are offering us a great gift by acting as our mirrors and bringing into awareness unconscious parts of ourselves that we have hidden. If we have the courage to face and heal these issues, then we may free ourselves and allow our children to develop into who they really are.


Soleira Green - New Kids Soleira Green - New Kids

Soleira Green is a potentialist who loves working with others, adults and kids alike, to discover the magnificence that lies within. She's the co-founder of The Evolutionary Institute whose motto is 'moving from small human beings with problems to solve to amazing beings with contribution to make.' She's an author, coach, trainer, speaker, networker, evolutionist and global visionary.


Kids today are different ... really, wonderfully different. They're more open, connected and work with a new level of intelligence and genius capability. They're offering us a new level of potential for the evolution of the human race. Soleira will explore how they're different and why (particularly from an energetic and consciousness perspective) and how we, as parents, family, educators and carers, can relate to these differences to polish the gems of their fullest and most unique potential. There's a new kind of genius in these kids that is just waiting to be recognised and made available for each and every one of us now.


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