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Dr Munchie - Indigo Science Dr Munchie - Indigo Science

Dr Manjir Samanta-Laughton MBBS, popularly known as "Dr Munchie", trained as a medical doctor and as an energy medical consultant. She has worked as a general practitioner, at the Bristol Cancer Help Centre and in her own holistic healing practice.

Her quest for the scientific basis of healing and other spiritual practices has led her to study the principles of theoretical physics, the science of consciousness and cosmology. As a result, she has developed Punk Science, which provides a scientific framework for everything from black hole formation and planetary gravity to auras and chakras and emotional healing.

She communicates her findings in popular lectures, her writing, and in work with the media including for television and radio. She has various international science columns. She is the co-founder of the Children of the New World conferences and is UK contributing editor of Children of the New Earth magazine.


Are we really evolving? What is the scientific basis for multidimensional abilities? Dr Munchie explores the scientific landscape from genes to black holes in the quest to find the science of indigos.


Anne Harrington - Diamond Light: the indigo and crystal connection Anne Harrington - Diamond Light: the indigo and crystal connection

Anne's fascination with the subject of the Indigo and Crystal Children began, when she was researching a condition her youngest Sister had been diagnosed with (Asperger's Syndrome, a form of Autism). It has been suggested that there are parallels between some children who have been diagnosed as having Autism, and the Indigos.

Anne says: "I myself can relate to both the characteristics of an Indigo and Crystal energies, and see myself as one of the "forerunners" paving the way for these special Beings. I began to notice over the last few years, that children of all ages with huge wise eyes, were staring at me as I'd walk around Town. Some would make a special effort to acknowledge me, which was so touching! Currently, I have Children asking their parents can they come to my Healing Clinic".

Lots of synchronicity around the subject then followed, leading to Anne becoming a Visionary Speaker in this area. Anne recently produced a CD, which includes a guided meditation to connect with the Indigo and Crystal Angels, and to connect with others on the 'Web'. Purely by intuition, Anne had chosen people who have Autism/A.D.D to work on the project. Also, two Crystal children provided part of the Artwork.

Anne does not profess to be a Guru on the subject but speaks from her own experience, and from the Heart and feels this is why she is being guided to share the Indigo and Crystal message.

Anne is also a Reiki Master/Spiritual Healer, Counsellor, Artist and Writer, sharing her passion for all things spiritual in a down to earth, relaxed way. "Due to the huge impact Healing and Counselling have had on my own life, I feel drawn to sharing this with others. Being able to make a difference as a Healer and Counsellor has been an wonderful privilege. I was hit by Lightning at the age of 11, and feel it was around this time I became aware of Healing and caring for People/Animals.I feel so honoured when they place their trust in me".

Anne trained with the National Federation of Spiritual Healers, then after this graduated as a Reiki Master/Teacher, and has trained in Person-Centred Counselling. She founded her own Healing Group, and has worked with several support groups, including a Women's Aid project, and a Cancer support group. Anne is currently working in a Doctor's Surgery on a Voluntary basis, as a Healer, and is a Tutor at a local College teaching Reiki; forthcoming projects include completion of her long awaited book, establishing a Health Centre combining Orthodox Medicine and Complementary therapies , and an exhibition of spiritually based artwork.


An enlightening talk, exploring why these magical children have been born onto our planet, suggested ways of recognizing signs of an Indigo or Crystal Child, suggested ways of caring for/nurturing these children ... and for yourself as you play a role in their vital and sacred mission. There will also be a guided meditation. Anne says: "I feel a strong soul link to Indigo and Crystal Children, and feel honoured to be sharing their message at this time".


Mary English - Homeopathy and your child Mary English - Homeopathy and your child

Mary L English DSH, RSHom is a homeopath who lives in Bath, England, with her Indigo son, Simon, and her partner, Jonathan. A registered member of the Society of Homeopaths and past editor of Student Homeopath, Mary is passionate about bringing Homeopathy to a wider audience.Her practice is open to clients world-wide through her website and the Internet and she specialises in children with life-difficulties.

She recently was interviewed by Kindred Spirit magazine, and has appeared on BBC1's Heaven and Earth and Kilroy and regularly talks on local BBC radio about the benefits of Homeopathic medicine. In her spare time, Mary runs The Bath Acoustic Club and performs acoustic guitar and Celtic Harp and sings self-penned material.


Homeopath Mary L English DSH, RSHom will be talking about the major remedies to help your child with :
lack of attention
nightmares/bad dreams
difficult behaviour

Homeopathy is a gentle, safe form of medicine that will help your child develop and grow in a safe, healthy way. Mary L English specialises in helping children that are finding modern life and expectations hard to bear.

Some of these children are Indigos but all youngsters will benefit from the healing that Homeopathy can bring. Learn which remedies, freely available from Boots and Holland and Barrett will help you on an everyday basis to live peacefully with your children.

Homeopathic remedies are made from Nature, from flowers, minerals, the animal kingdom and the elements and are non-addictive, easy to take and low-cost.


Denis Campbell - The Journey for Children Denis Campbell - The Journey for Children

As managing director of Journey Productions, Denis Campbell oversees the creation and distribution of support products and materials for The Journey Seminars Ltd. An author and public speaker on a variety of topics, Denis left the corporate world of marketing and building new businesses to serve The Journey in 2003. He is deeply touched each week by the number of people he encounters worldwide in Journey seminars willing to completely surrender to the unknown and dive into the flame of burning away the illusions of who they think they are.

He has worked in the media and entertainment, legal, accounting and banking fields for much of the last 25 years. "I am the luckiest man in the world, I get to do something I truly love every day and give back in service that helps others see the diamond within themselves and clear away the years of lies covering them over."


From South Africa to Australia, Holland to America, The Journey is a revolutionary program helping primary school children uncover their hidden potential and heal from a variety of emotional and other traumas. Created by American author Brandon Bays, The Journey is used in classrooms around the world and helps students achieve better academic results by clearing out any blockages and unhelpful emotions. In this talk, Denis Campbell, a senior member of Brandon's core team will discuss how The Journey is making a difference in the lives of thousands of school children around the world.


Elaine Godley - You don't understand me! Elaine Godley - You don't understand me!

Elaine Godley has spent over 30 years working. In that time she has met thousands of people who are clearly in the wrong role. They are square pegs in round holes. They are unhappy and certainly not productive or efficient at work.

Elaine's experience led her to become trained in personality profiling. By understanding our natural strengths and limitations, and knowing ourselves better, we can then choose careers and roles that naturally suit us. The net result is happiness and success both for the individual and the business.

Elaine has an MBA, is a Fellow of The Royal Society of Arts and lives in Wiltshire.


How personality profiling, mentoring and life coaching can help bring understanding to schools and parenting. Plus some unique research into the personality types of indigos


Hugh Newman - The Psychic Children Hugh Newman - The Psychic Children

THE PSYCHIC CHILDREN - Dolphins, DNA & The Planetary Grid. Hugh Newman

Hugh will give an overview of his journey with the 'psychic children 'phenomena. Since meeting Grandmother Chandra at a conference in Hawaii, he was initiated into working on the planetary grid and learned about the extreme changes that are taking place - in human DNA and throughout our galaxy. He also explores the role the dolphins & whales are playing as we head in to galactic alignment 2012. The book will be published by Planet Art Publishing in late 2005.


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