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Karen Turner –  Kids'  workshop for 6– 12 years olds Karen Turner – Kids' workshop for 6– 12 years olds

Karen began her working career in marketing until her passion for travel took over and she began a long period as an air stewardess. In 1997, her interest in personal development led to her to study life-coaching in the USA, under the tutelage of the international speakers and facilitators, Arlo Wally Minto and Justin Tyler. She then became an international facilitator working in the empowerment field for many big corporate accounts. She is the author of 'Flying Through The Falls ', a handbook written in conjunction with her work. Karen has become very connected to the specialist field of empowerment for children and subsequently, for carers and parents (being a parent to two gifted children herself). Her expertise in creating a multi- sensory environment for groundbreaking workshops has been highly praised.

These workshops are a chance for these wise children to have a safe place to share their gifts as well as providing high– energy fun!

Teenage Workshop for 13-16 year olds
  We have gathered together an amazing selection of workshop faciltators who will be guiding teenagers through 25 minute sessions covering empowerment in life. They will discuss dealing with exam stress through reflexology, life goals and what the future holds, meditation, visualisation techniques, revealing personality traits, crystals and the power of the earth.

Facilitators include Jaki Harris, Liz Boulter and Success Ticklers.

Itinerary for kids and teenagers. Subject to change when in the Flow!
  0900/0930: Kids & Teen register. We then begin our programme with Knowing you, Knowing me and Crystal Choices.

At 1045: The Teens leave to attend the Trevayne Nutrition talk and the Kidsí Workshop continues with a full programme including: Everyone is special in their own way, Gentle Meditation, Story Time, Friendship Bracelets and Pick a Card!

We join the adults for lunch at 1330 and return at 1430 for Energy Techniques, Positive affirmations, The Power of the Solar Plexus, Life Maps, Gratitude and much more!

We come together at 1700 for our closure.

Join Vanessa and Karen for a rainbow day, packed full of laughter and fun! Your children will grow and shine in a safe, friendly, angel filled environment and take lasting memories with them.

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